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Tycho / on Mon, Apr 8 2013 at 12:01 am

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It is amazing how long and how energetically we can discuss the unknown.  If I were feeling philosophical, and this almost never happens, I would wonder aloud about how fundamentally human that is.  The raw energy we dump into the unshaped void.  The strange fish that return with us, home.

We made a comic strip, also.  I wouldn’t say it explores those themes exactly!  But we don’t actually know a lot.  And what we do “know” is bizarre.  It’s a very odd business, this phase.  I mean, I know things I think are true, but they’re so fucking insane that I could never say them aloud.  They’re the sort of things you would tell a mole to flush them out.  I don’t want to get flushed.  If they announce it, I’ll tell you which thing it was.  I’m not sure we’ll be waiting long.

I spoke to Stannis Torquemada over at Kunchorki about the piece, his piece, that catalyzed the most recent round of palantir gazing.  The problem I had with the piece was that later, in what I assume to be the article’s “thorax,” he talks to people who say that the article itself isn’t true.  But I learned that it’s vital in his line of work to “salt” (my word, not his) an article like this with caveats and other bugaboos to create the impression of a quantum truth even when you have absolutely trusted sources you believe in, because it’s not really a rumor then.  Hence, the dance.  He went to “print” with that headline because that’s what he wanted to leave you with.  I recognize the importance of this ritual as a writer, if not a reader.  That is to say, it is a localized problem.

Super localized; in fact, it might just be me.

But he and many other people are grappling with the same information, and they don’t really know what to do with it: specifically, that they’re hearing from people they trust that the box requires a connection to execute entertainment software, and no-one can figure out why they would do that.  They know why they’d want to, but they don’t know why they actually would.  We’ve said that the “consumers” for a console before release are developers and publishers, a plurality of whom aren’t down with resale or the Black Flag, both of which are generally considered features by the playerbase.  At what cost do you court one, and not the other?

(CW)TB out.

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