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Gabe / on Wed, May 1 2013 at 10:55 am

Strip Search!

The Strip Search is up, check it out!

I’m gonna talk about some of the stuff that happens in this episode. So watch it before you read any more of this.


Okay so conventions are a HUGE part of being a cartoonist. Tycho and I have been to more than we can count from San Diego Comic Con to a comic book convention in a school gymnasium. Running your booth and interacting with people is something every cartoonist needs to learn. You might watch today’s episode and think that we were being too hard on the artists but I can assure you, this was easy mode.

Stealing stuff off tables, does that really happen? Hell yes it happens and most of the time there isn’t shit you can do about it. Kids come by and snag posters while you’re talking with a fan and then run off into the crowd. Adults walk up and just take books because they either think they are free or don’t give a damn. You can shout at them from behind your table but 9 times out of 10 they will just walk away with your stuff. I heard a story that one time Kris Straub chased a girl down and gave her a lecture after she walked away with a book. He became a con folk hero.

Are “booth barnacles” a real thing? Yes and they are much worse than what we gave the artists in this show. Listen I love our fans, I really do but some people God bless them just don’t know when to leave. Our own Erika Sadsad coined the term booth barnacle a few years ago to describe these folks. Sometimes they will sit right down in front of your booth. Other times they just stand there, hovering next to you for hours. So now you know, if you’ve ever been asked by an artist at a con to run an errand for them…I’m sorry, but you are a booth barnacle.

So yes, all that stuff really happens. Everyone wants to know what you have for free. People are always trying to barter with you like it’s a medieval bazaar. No I won’t give you two of my books for a poster you got at another booth and a hot dog. Keeping your cool and dealing with all this stuff is just as much a part of the business as drawing comic strips. After watching this episode I was super impressed with how all the artists did. There were a few rookie mistakes but for the most part I think all them are ready for the real deal.

-Gabe out

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