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Tycho / on Fri, May 17 2013 at 12:01 am

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Increasingly Damn Late

“Too Damn Late,” like Strips Which Include Div, is a specifically Gabriel form.  I relent when we are exposed to a glut of news which might individually make for thin gruel, but leveraged in this context are appropriate.  The cadence is also fun to model.  Anyway, the stars were right.

Electronic Arts has dicussed the wealf they’d stacked as a result of Online Passes, part of Project Ten Dollar, which was itself a kind of retail counterinsurgency.  With the advent of new consoles, cost conscious players will almost certainly stay or adopt the existing platforms, which are as robust as they’re going to get; that could be part of it.  You’d think they would take any revenue at this point, but EA has the kind of problems ten million dollars don’t fix.

Is this an olive branch to the realspace edifice that undergirds big launches?  Does it imply that there is another way - a global code for games themselves, or a platform level capacity - to obviate this program?  I’d hew toward the second, but nobody knows any Goddamn thing.  Well, some do, but the things they’re telling me sound like the crypt-songs of face chewers being projected into orbit by bath salts.  Functionally speaking, it’s all negative space.  Portents and omens.

The Annual Child’s Play Invitational comes up this Monday, and Robert thought it would be fun to extend the side bets we already do out to everyone else.  I’ve noticed that my own team is nowhere near maxed out on donations, which doesn’t make me feel bad in the slightest - it makes me respect your judgment.  That makes me think that as an aggregated intellect, you’re either making strong plays or trying to make me feel better, which…  I mean, I’m good with both.

Do keep in mind that Team Score is actually the operative value, though, which might modify your assessment.  I suspect Levin & Brian is actually a pretty good one, if you’re looking for advice.

(CW)TB out.

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