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Gabe / on Mon, Jun 24 2013 at 8:57 am

Duel of Champions

Thanks to the Kickstarter a while back we don’t have that many ads left on the site. We still try and make sure that the ads we do have are for games worth checking out. Even then it’s awesome when we get ads for a game I am incredibly excited about. I discovered Duel of Champions a few months ago and I have played it nearly everyday since.

DoC is without a doubt my favorite CCG. It’s a lane based card game which is all the rage now but this one throws in a few new mechanics that really make it awesome. For one, moving cards between lanes is a huge part of the game. This gives it almost a tactics feeling as you move units into better positions. Each player’s deck also includes a number of event cards that are shuffled together into one deck. During the round cards from this deck are drawn and placed on the play space. Either player can choose to spend some of their resources to take advantage of these event cards. It’s an interesting system that has you trying to pick event cards knowing that your opponent will have access to them as well.

there’s tons of other great stuff but the game is free so honestly you should just try it for yourself.

I managed to talk Ubi into giving us a bunch of codes for DoC. You can hit this page to score one for yourself. Put this code into the PC client and you’ll get 3 free booster packs and 275 seals (their in game currency). It’s a super good deal and a great way to flesh out the starting deck you get for free when you first log in.

-Gabe out

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