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Tycho / on Fri, Jul 12 2013 at 12:01 am

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Child’s Play Strip:  Privateer Press

In a stunning turn of events, we’re getting to one of the Child’s Play Charity Dinner & Auction strips before December.  I know!  It has to be said: we’re innovators.

We talked to Matt Wilson (who founded Privateer Press) about what he wanted for his strip, and he was freaking out because they were about to run a Kickstarter for a tactics game based on their tabletop wargame, Warmachine.  Maybe he wouldn’t like the term “freaking out,” but the deal is that we will make him a strip, not present him as an ultramasculine paragon.  He was freaking out, which I understand, having endured two such campaigns myself.  But since the Goddamn thing funded in 35 hours, you know, maybe file that away somewhere.  Optimally, this might be an opportunity to enjoy life for five seconds.  I say that knowing full well that it’s impossible: the man is a verb.  I doubt he’s happy unless he’s engaged in the next high-wire act of terrifying creative exposure.

Any individual aspect of it chosen at random would have been sufficient to garner my support, whether it’s the playable figurines, or the electronical tactics game, or the steam-powered pugilism engines with magic brains.  Except all of that shit is stewing in the pot at the same time.  We’re big fans of Warmachine on the table, though some of us have switched over to Hordes, a compatible system from the same publisher that inverts its resource management.  I mean, I could talk about it.  It would take a while, it’s like a Yin and Yang thing.  In any event: our debt to Privateer Press is paid.

And let today be a day for the settling of debts, with the return of our Downloadable Content podcast for all!  Backers have had episodes for a while, but here are two for everybody with more to come each week.  It’s back, back, back.  In fact, we’re about to record another one right now.

(CW)TB out.

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