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Tycho / on Fri, Aug 9 2013 at 12:01 am

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The Middle

We played Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, and we think you should too.

I always pay close attention to anything that says “Starbreeze” somewhere on it.  Syndicate wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t without certain charms; this Payday 2 Heist Walkthrough probably makes us even.  At one of the first E3 shows I ever went to, we ended up touching base with a couple dudes who were demoing Enclave on a laptop - they had these really interesting physics events happening that I wanted to see over and over.  Laptop meetings of this kind, impromptus, the sort that became thinner and thinner on the ground, used to be one of my favorite things about that show.  I can get press releases at home; I don’t need a person to read it to me outloud.  I also don’t need to see a person pretend to play a scripted sequence, especially when every other video has it taking place exactly the same way.  I’m getting sidetracked, let’s get back on point.

This game is ass-deep in Nordic bugaboos, they’re all in here.  It’s a place of stories, only some of which are even yours; you pass through the lives of people and creatures on your way and maybe you don’t even help.  You might not even know you can help.  And if you did, you might not even know what the ramifications of that helping are.  It looks and feels like a solid thing because you have an evidentiary basis for believing in it.  It feels like a place you have found.  You don’t always like being there.

I spoke briefly about it on Wednesday, but it uses the hows and whys of your interactions to situate you emotionally within the digital space.  You have two sets of stick/trigger combinations, and you’re trained to feel differently about using each one - even when their function is identical.  That’s not something that stops happening.  You are “the middle” that two people meet in, the conflicted overlap that is fraught even when people are working toward the same goal.  And even when you think you “get” it, they’ve got their other fist balled up, waiting for just the right moment.

(CW)TB out.

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