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Gabe / on Tue, Aug 27 2013 at 10:14 am

Pinny Arcade PAX Prime Part 2

Last week I showed you all of the Penny Arcade related Pinny Arcade pins that will be launching at PAX Prime. Now it’s time to show you all the awesome third party pins that will be making their debut at the show. I love the PA pins but my goal with Pinny Arcade was always to make it about games in general.  The idea was really to take Disney Pin Trading and apply it to all of gaming. Well I’m happy to say that’s exactly what’s happening now.  Check this out, and remember, it’s just the beginning!

So how do you get your hands on these? Well let’s start at the top.

Wizards of the Coast: All you need to do to score this Magic the Gathering pin is find the WOTC booth and run through a demo of Magic. Easy and honestly you should do that anyway.

Ubisoft: In order to get this Rayman pin you will need to pre-order Rayman Legends at the Ubisoft booth. It doesn’t matter what system, just reserve a copy and the pin is yours.

Sony: This Infamous Second Son pin is another easy one to get. They will give you one for stopping by the Sony booth and checking out the game’s demo. You can also get one at the Sucker Punch panel Friday, August 30th @ 5:30pm. Kraken Theater. Finally if you happen to see a Sucker Puncher just walking around they will have the pin as well.

Carbine Studios: Just go check out Wildstar at their booth and they will give you a pin!

Hidden Path: Find their booth in the Expo hall and play Windbourne or Defense Grid 2 then spin a prize wheel. You have a chance of winning a few different prizes but you have the best chance of winning a pin I am told.

The Behemoth: If you’ve seen the Behemoth booth then you know all about their capsule machines. Yup you guessed it. These pins will be hidden away inside little plastic balls. I believe they will be blind purchases as well so this set could be tricky.

Strip Search: Each of the Strip Search artists has been given about 100 of these pins. It’s up to them how they want to disperse them. There will be a Strip Search booth in Band Land that they should be hanging out in most of the show. They can sell them, trade them or just give them away, it’s up to the artists.

Loading Ready Run: You should be able to snag this one from the LRR booth in Band Land.

PvP: Scott will have his totally awesome pin for sale at his booth in Band Land.

Chainsawsuit: You can get this pin right from Kris at his booth in Band Land.

There’s going to be a lot of pins at this show and tracking them all down won’t be easy. To try and help we’ve got big signs that will go up on all the official Pinny Arcade pin vendor booths. So be sure and look for this logo.

There’s a chance other vendors might be selling pins or even giving them away.  The fact is we had so many companies asking to do pins that we had to start a waiting list. We’re trying to be very careful in terms of how many pins we release rather than just flooding the community with pins. So if they don’t have this sign on their booth they are not official Pinny Arcade pins. You can also check the back of a pin to see if it’s the real deal. All Pinny Arcade pins have a rubber back and are stamped with the Pinny Arcade logo and the year it was produced.

In order to trade with a Penny Arcade staff member or an Enforcer to get one of the exclusive pins, you need to give them a Pinny Arcade pin. This is super important to us as it’s really the only way we can maintain quality control and manage the trading ecosystem. We’ve seen Pinny Arcade explode this year and it’s my intention to make sure that it stays fun and that we are able to build a strong trading community full of awesome high quality pins.

If you have pins from a previous show (Boston or Australia) you should bring them to trade or just to show off. I saw a guy in Australia holding a cardboard sign on the last day that said “Will trade dignity for PAX East pins!” If you do have some pins from another show to trade I can promise you they will be like gold at Prime.

We’ve got tons of cool stuff in the works. From themed display boards so you can show off your collection to some limited edition pins celebrating PA’s 15th year. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t wait to see you all at PAX and do some trading!

-Gabe out

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