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Tycho / on Fri, Sep 27 2013 at 12:01 am

The Tithe, Part Ten

Ten strips is probably the appropriate number for a project called The Tithe.  It seems as though people enjoyed it, which I will gladly accept over the alternative.  And it’s not even done!  I get to work on it forever.  Knowing what I learned from this, I can shift gears over to the novels with no loss of momentum.

I drew a diagram of the series for my cohort on the whiteboard, where thing starts, overall goals, startling revelations (!!!), and he did not immediately vomit.  I can work with that.

I’m of the opinion that completing Sand put him in a new place, art-wise, which spilled over into the regular strip.  God only knows where we go from here.  Well, Automata, I guess.  That’s the last long-form piece we’re obligated to perform under the aegis of our Kickstarter agreement.  I say obligated, but only because I like the word; I love that place, and want to go to there.  I know how.

I know that I’m supposed to, but I do not care about the Steam Box.  Steam is a service that I use to get games.  It is not some kind of lifestyle choice for me; I don’t feel compelled to wear the stylish universal cap.  You can build a Steam Box today if you want to.  Indeed, I have one, and so do you; it’s just not hooked up to your television.

I have friends who do that now.  I did it for a little while, it was fine, whatever.  And I understand why Valve would want to go their own way: like Zynga with Facebook, they’re beholden to a monolithic, largely unaccountable entity for their entire business model.  One that could turn any number of screws if it felt like it.  So, I understand why.  But I don’t understand why I have to shake pom poms for the Goddamn thing.  So I can play the games I play now in another room?  Let somebody else carry that water.

The devil is in the details, of course.  I wonder where this thing tops out, purely in terms of Satans Per Minute.

(CW)TB out.

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