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Gabe / on Fri, Oct 18 2013 at 9:21 am

Gotta Catch them All…again

I’m really loving Pokemon X. I put about 150 hours into Pokemon Diamond back in the day but could not get into any of the games after. I tried White but it just felt to similar. I don’t know if it’s the updated graphics or the amount of time that has passed but I’m hooked on X now.

I love that the game is 3D now, it really makes Pokemon feel fresh and more like a modern RPG. The old sprites had a certain charm to them but the animations and character they have put into all these 3D models is just outstanding. I actually feel a little bad now when I see them faint. In terms of the mechanics the game also feels more modern. A lot of the old stuff that to me just felt like a punishment is gone. Getting XP for capturing, the XP share working on all your Pokemon, super training, it all goes a long way towards making the game more humane.

The upgrade to the multiplayer aspects of the game is also a welcome addition. The new P.S.S. (player search system) allows you to trade and battle with other Pokemon players nearby super easily. Also it saves so much faster now!

Today’s comic brings back evil Pokemon trainer Gabe. We’ve done a lot of Pokemon strips over the years and I thought I collect some of my favorites.

Evil Pokemon Trainer Gabe.
Punching Down
The Gabriel Method
The Coming Apokelypse

The Pokemon Card Game
The Tournémon, Part One
The Tournémon, Part Two
The Tournémon, Part Three
The Tournémon, Part Four
That Ravenous Fire
The Proxy, Part One
The Proxy, Part Two
The Proxy, Part Three
The Proxy, Part Four

General Pokemania
Something To Consider
The Progenerator
Gabe’s Pocket Monster
On PAX (And Also Packs)
Tycho Brahe, Office Pariah
On Catching

-Gabe out

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