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Gabe / on Mon, Dec 9 2013 at 12:00 am

Game of the Year

I didn’t watch the VGX awards live but I checked out all the coverage online after the event. When it comes to awards you’re never going to get everyone to agree. Even knowing that, I have to say I was really surprised at some of their decisions. I’m not going to go category by category but I figured I’d talk about game of the year.

GTA V picked up this award and I can understand why, but personally I’d have given it to The Last of Us. From game play to visuals to story this game had it all. I can still remember finishing it and just sitting on the couch with tears in my eyes. I actually woke up my wife who was already in bed so I could tell her how it wrapped up. The Last of Us moved me in a way that very few games (or books, or movies for that matter) ever have.  Maybe it delivers more of an emotional payload if you’re a parent.

Not giving Last of Us game of the year seems even stranger to me considering they named Naughty Dog “studio of the year”. So the best studio didn’t make the best game? Don’t get me wrong, I think GTA is an incredible technical achievement but The Last of Us is more than that. Lots of people talk about the sorts of experiences games can deliver. As gamers we all know that games are art. That they can deliver stories on par with movies and even surpass them because of the interactivity. We’ve always believed that stuff but The Last of Us is proof.

I played so much good stuff this year it’s hard to pick a winner but I really believe The Last of Us was the best. I think Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons comes in a very close second with Ni No Kuni and Mario 3D World close behind. It really was a great year for games and with two brand new consoles in my living room I’m ridiculously excited for 2014.

Hey Tycho, what’s your game of the year? I’m guessing it was Aliens: Colonial Marines.

-Gabe out

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