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Gabe / on Mon, Dec 9 2013 at 1:49 pm

Who wore it best?

My wife will deny it but she reads US magazine sometimes. I will occasionally find them in the house and thumb through them to see what Kim and Kanye are up to or if Miley really did that thing I heard about. They do this thing called “Who Wore It Best?” where they catch two celebrities wearing the same clothes and then ask their style experts to vote on who wore it best. Why am I telling you this bullshit?

Well this happens a lot at Penny Arcade. I don’t mean the public shaming of someone’s inability to wear clothes better than another person. I mean wearing the same clothes as your friends. Lots of us here at the office are big fans of the First Party sweater. At our morning merchandise meeting today Robert snapped this pic of Kiko, me and Brian. We had no idea.

So who wore it best?

-Gabe out

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