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Gabe / on Mon, Jan 13 2014 at 10:26 am

Three things

Thanks to everyone who showed up to play games with me over at Snapdoodle on Saturday. I ended up playing about five or six games of Forbidden Desert with a different group of people each time. I got to talk and trade pins with a bunch of folks and overall I’d say the night was a huge success. A few people asked if it was something I’d be doing again and I think I probably will. Also thanks to Snapdoodle for hosting us. They are a small store and we sort of took over the place. I saw people sitting on the little stools playing games on tables meant for toddlers. Everyone I talked to had fun though and I know the Snapdoodle folks were really happy with the whole thing.

I tried Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and loved the first bit but lost interest when it switched from being about Pirates to working at a software company. Normally that would be it for me but I decided to give it another try when I got sick last week. I pushed through the Abstergo stuff which I found crazy boring and then got back to being a pirate. I really like the ship to ship combat and I have to say I’m glad I gave it another try. I’ve played 16 hours now and I’m about 25% through the game. I’ve had to play through one more of those Abstergo sequences but for the most part I’m just sailing around it my pirate ship killing dudes and having awesome pirate adventures. I don’t normally give games a second chance but I’m really glad I did in this case.

Finally if you want to see an uncensored version of today’s comic strip…you’re a sicko. I can hook you up though. Click here to see Gabe’s cartoon ding-dong.

-Gabe out

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