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Gabe / on Fri, Jun 6 2014 at 10:03 am


Yesterday I ran my first “Adventure” in Wildstar. It was the Hycrest Insurrection adventure that you get access to at level 15 on the Exile side. Normally I’d run a five man like this as DPS before trying a more important role like Tank or Healer but this time I decided to jump right in.Kenneth joined me and I chose tank while he went heals. Neither of us really had any idea what to expect but we figured we’d give it our best shot. Holy shit did we have fun.

I’ve run my fair share of 5 mans in WoW and various other games. I’ve never seen anything like what Wildstar does with their “Adventures”. They are essentially instanced versions of existing zones full of custom content and game mechanics for you and your friends.

I never play the Tank role so this was a change for me. I had a blast tanking this Adventure and so much of it is because of the hectic nature of these fights. There is no “tank and spank” here, at least not that I have seen. If you stand in one place you die as far as I can tell. The same goes for the healer too which was cool to see. I was a healer for like a decade in WoW and most of the time I could eat my cookies and milk while I did it. It was about watching bars and hitting hot keys at the right time. Many of Kenneth’s heals are what you would call “skill shots” so he has to actually run around, aim and make sure he’s getting the right people in the zone.

So I’m jumping and running all around trying to avoid the enemie’s red damage templates and Kenneth is chasing after me trying to do the same thing while keeping me in his healing templates. It’s fucking frantic and crazy and fast and in my opinion a super good time.

Oh and it looks like the folks at Carbine liked our comic the other day. They posted what looks like concept art for “Malabolg” on their Facebook page. If he ends up in the game and actually drops an endtable, I will be extremely happy.

-Gabe out

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