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Tycho / on Tue, Jun 3 2014 at 10:21 am

I Can Do You One Better

I often end up going to some kind of event at Elliot’s school, some bullshit, not because the event itself is bullshit but because he never really has any intention of engaging with it.  If they are having an Ice Cream Social, he is interested primarily in Ice Cream and the Social is right out.  Even a “Game Night” is insufficient.  What invariably happens - and I am not using the word Invariably simply for exaggeratory funtimes - is that I lose him at some point, but not really, because I know where he went.  He is in the library, in a corner, reading a book.  There is a pile of books next to him also.  I can’t really be mad, that’s the son I wanted.

I used to work in libraries, so I had my thumb on the pulse of it, but I’m enough out of the storm path of YA these days that those nights are an opportunity for synchronization.  After I had determined he was safe one night - from strangers, if not bad writing - I looked at the shelf and found THIS.

So, we’re done here I guess?  In my mind, there isn’t even a book behind it.  It’s just the cover and a wad of blank paper.


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