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Tycho / on Fri, Jun 13 2014 at 10:25 am

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To P Or Not To P

Console-wise, what we need more than anything else - more than specific games, even - is a pair of gargantuans at each other’s throats, their iridescent plumage fanned out, preening for tribute.

I’m not worried about what our masters call “content,” that happens on its own.  But at the top end, it’s got to be the thing where Party A pushes the sword through Party B up to the hilt, and then Party B spits blood at Party A, and pushes themselves off.  That’s my fictionalized account of doing another one-eighty and removing the unremovable Kinect.  And removing the Gold necessity for streaming video apps.  I think the App thing maps to the blood-spitting portion.  In any case: they have to be trading blows the entire time, or we lose.

For indie games, the resolution usually isn’t the concern: the best games I’ve played on the Xbox One are Super Time Force and Max, and neither one of them is about raw pixels.  The Indie part of the conversation has more to do with the respective policies of the platforms.  For “triple a” though, you might recall that this Resomolution dialogue played out over years last time - only in reverse, and both systems still seemed to do okay.  The numbers aren’t on Microsoft’s side, but between releasing some of the bottled-up Kinect resources for games and the advent of DirectX 12 in 2015, does it get closer?  I hope so.  I am blessed to have both systems, so I can’t possibly lose.

But there is a scenario where I can win twice.

Oh!  And I think today’s art is, like, “fanception” or something.  It’s Gabe’s art based on Mu’s art which used Penny Arcade stock as a source of organic compounds.  By the by, you might recall that her designs were also referenced in On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3, which also included Zombie Versions and what are commonly called Fursonas.  There might have been another type also.  Wooden people, maybe.  Or baristas?  It was a long time ago.

(CW)TB out.

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