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Tycho / on Fri, Jun 20 2014 at 3:50 pm


So, maybe we don’t think it’s the best terminology ever.  Or, maybe it’s fine terminology, but it calls the very endeavor into question; it is The Hand Which Draws itself.  But for some reason we can’t stop saying it.

In our current usage, a delighter is any kind of annoying bullshit that comes up.  A delighter is something which one hundred percent does not and could not delight any person.  But it can’t be something important; it’s never severe.  It’s just the abrasive, everyday kind of nonsense whose unwelcome appearance is so routine we can use it to mark the hours.  We were running Stormtalon last night, trying to deal with this “Blade-Wind” character, Blade-Wind The Invoker or some shit, and in addition to every other thing we had to deal with these “static wisps” - balls of raking energy - just start flying all over the place.  We started calling them delighters at lunch, and Jamie reinforced the lingo again on last night’s run.  She’s main healer; at the edge of the fight, she had more opportunity to be “delighted” by them than anybody else.

By definition, a delighter may not delight someone in any measurable way.  But using the term has brought us no end of pleasure.  I think this one’s sticking around.


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