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Gabe / on Thu, Sep 4 2014 at 10:19 am


You might wonder what I do after PAX to unwind. Well the answer is I play games. After this show I took the next two days off. Yesterday was devoted to League of Legends. With only a handful of short breaks to eat food and interact with my family I played LoL from 10am to midnight. I drank soda and played games with my friends all damn day and it was the best.

I ended up turning on the Stream Machine for my last game of the night.This one included myself, Kenneth, Jamie, Dabe and our new friend Icy12ice who is a PA reader that has given me a lot of great LoL advice. You can watch the game here on my Twitch channel.

I need to figure out my audio settings though as it seems like you can hear everyone except me. Not sure how that happened. Subscribe my channel if you want a notification when I start streaming. I’m gonna try and do it for more of our LoL games.

Anyway if you want to play with me sometime feel free to add me. I’m Cwgabriel and I try and pull as many folks into games as I can. We are always looking for one or two people to fill out a team and having a big old list of friends helps.

-Gabe out

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