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Gabe / on Mon, Sep 22 2014 at 11:29 am

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

I got an early copy of the new Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes last week. It actually hits stores tomorrow so I thought I’d share my impressions of the game so far. I’m playing the PS4 version although I’m not sure how much that matters.

The reviews for this new 2.0 version are all over the place and that doesn’t surprise me. I can tell you that my impression of the game is absolutely colored by the fact that I played it with my family. I have a wife, and two boys ages 10 and 4. In the last week each of them has come to me at some point and asked me to play Disney Infinity with them. The best part is that each time they asked, I really wanted to play it with them! If you ask any gamer parent they will tell you there are games you play with your kids and you play them because you want to play a game with your kid. You put up with boring gameplay or simplistic mechanics because you’re playing a game for kids. But like the best Disney movies, Disney Infinity 2.0 is a game that operates on two different levels and has plenty for you to enjoy along with them.

There’s no shortage of reviews out there that break down all the new features and that’s not really what I’m good at. I can tell you that the newly enhanced combat is a blast, the skill trees are robust and make me want to level up my character. The new Play Sets are also really fun. It’s true that the missions pretty much just ask you to beat stuff up but the fact is I love beating shit up in this game and so I was happy to do it. Each time I was told to go wreck a bunch of Frost Giants I was excited to do it. Here’s the thing though. I wasn’t doing it alone. I was doing it with my wife and that absolutely effects my experience. Each time Kara unlocked a new power with Iron man she got excited. We played the Avengers Play Set together while my 10 year old and I played the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set. When I say I love this game I’m not just saying I love the game, I’m saying I love the experiences I had playing with my family.

My four year old just wants to play in the Toy box mode with me. I am in there building the world and dropping in fun stuff for him to play with. He also just loves playing with the toys by themselves.

We’re talking about a game here that resonates with every single member of my family and creates opportunities for all of us to play together in different ways. I woke up Sunday morning and came down stairs to find my boys playing in Toy box mode together.

Gabe was playing as a rotating cast of villains and creating a little story for Noah who was playing the good guys. They were creating their own adventure. “Venom captured a police officer and took them to the top of the tallest building Noah!, You have to come rescue him!” I heard Gabe say as I walked into the family room. I don’t know how you “review” that. What number do you assign to the experience of cuddling with your kids in your pajamas on a Sunday morning and playing a game together?

-Gabe out

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