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Gabe / on Mon, Oct 6 2014 at 9:37 am

Confession Time

Okay I’m just gonna come out and say it. I really like Destiny.

That’s my Hunter there. I hit the soft level cap of 20 and now I’m creeping towards 30 by acquiring “light” infused gear. There’s not doubt about it, Destiny is an MMO and I am in full grind mode at this point. The thing is, it’s got a great grind.

I’ve been knocking out missions for the Queen which is the special event that’s been going on. It will be ending tomorrow actually and will be replaced with a PvP event called the Iron Banner. Doing missions for the Queen gives you tickets that you can use to try a special Queen’s mission. These are story missions taken from the campaign but with the difficulty jacked way up. Completing one of these missions guarantees you a legendary item which is how I got my sweet purple helmet. I’ve also been grinding reputation with my chosen faction FWC. It’s true they are an insane cult but they’ve got great style.

Once you find the faction you want to grind you can get that rep by doing pretty much anything in the game while wearing their special rep harvesting item. There are daily strike missions with crazy modifiers just like skulls from Halo. You might jump into a Strike with the Juggler skull for example that makes it so ammo only drops for your unequipped weapon. Stuff like this keeps the grind interesting in my book.

I need to grab five or six more levels before I can try the Vault of Glass raid but that’s what I’m working towards. I’ve heard it’s a blast and I’m excited to jump in there. I wrapped up the main storyline this weekend after finally defeating the Dark Heart of the Black Garden. The actual “ending” is just trash but now that it’s out of the way I feel like the game can finally be itself. Before it’s like it was trying really hard to pretend to be something it wasn’t. With the story crap out of the way it’s like Destiny let out a huge sigh of relief and said “you know what? Fuck it, just come shoot shit and get loot.” Then I took Destiny’s hand in mine, looked it in the eyes and said “Baby, that’s all I ever wanted.”

-Gabe out

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