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Tycho / on Wed, Dec 10 2014 at 11:10 am

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The Elucidator

There are some very fine-grained distinctions as regards our hobby.  The learning curve to be good at it is “real.”  It requires a specific type of conscious, 4D literacy to understand why some conversations are being had, let alone assess the merits of a specific argument.  Our parents and grandparents are mostly glad that we are not on the streets, that we have found something to do with ourselves that doesn’t revolve primarily around servicing trucker dick.  But they don’t understand it.  And most people can’t.

So, the equivalent of a Weekly Quest with Special Rewards in Destiny available only to fans ardent enough to make a purchase rankled; we can sort of explain that part, with some groundwork laid.  In any other Bungie game, DLC - I very nearly said “DLC content!”  I know, right?  Hang on, let me start over.  Customarily, the DLC for a Bungie game is cordoned off in its own playlists or managed entirely by the matchmaker.  It’s multiplayer stuff, and it doesn’t exist in the “mingleplayer” loop they’ve embroidered in Destiny.

I don’t really have a dog in this fight.  We talked about this a bit in the podcast you’ll eventually be able to download from the podcast page: maybe he is the dog I have in this fight.  Or maybe my friend has a dog, and that dog is fighting.  I don’t know.  But the solution seems fairly straightforward to me, probably just because I’m outside that entire continuum and I can see the whole shape.  There needs to be a weekly strike and a DLC weekly strike.  The bonus strike is just a perk of owning DLC.  It mirrors the old Corral for extra content and further incentivizes the dedicated Guardian.

I’ve spoken with two different people offered jobs there, that is to say, two people who have survived their harrowing interview gauntlet and emerged with enough sanity to accept a job, and they are both almost too smart to talk to.  Like, I want to talk with them, but They are already at the end of the conversation I’m trying to have with them because they have simulated the entire thing and found it wanting.  So now they are enduring me for the five or ten minutes it takes me to physically vent the language.  Suffice it to say that solving this would not be hard for them, provided they agreed it was a thing.

Two things:

It may still be surprising, because it is so new, but there is a PAX coming up here very shortly - PAX South!  The inaugural show happens January 23-25th, and stocks are listed as “low” but there are still passes for Friday and Sunday available and you should go.  Or, come:  whichever one means you attend the show.  We’re also soliciting questions for the Q&As at South right here, if you got ‘em.

Also: they’re in about the last two days on That Dragon, Cancer‘s Kickstarter, and they just cracked the Pledge Goal so this thing is on the way.  This is what I wrote about last time I played it.  When I talked to developer dad Ryan Green back then his boy was still alive, and the frankly brutal video that accompanies the Kickstarter details how developing the game was a kind of ritual prayer of healing that he had invested himself in.  Ryan and I spoke at length about what he had done with the project - he had encoded his boy into it, and he never stopped, even when most people would have.  It’s brave work, and you can help it happen.

(CW)TB out.

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