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Gabe / on Fri, Jan 16 2015 at 2:12 pm

PAX South Pins!

There will be a bunch of new pins dropping at PAX South next week and I’ve got the details for you:

(click for the larger version)

Pins available at our Merch Booth:

PAX South 2015 Set
PAX South 2015 Polygon LE Pin
Acquisitions Inc Set

Partner Pins:

MTG Ugin Pin [WotC]
They are available as a prize on the Prize Wall in the Magic tournament space in the Tabletop Area (Exhibit Hall D).

Dungeon Defenders II Cannonball Tower Pin [Trendy Entertainment]
Available on a limited basis to those that buy the game at their booth.

State of Decay Year One Pin [Undead Labs]
Available at the Undead Labs booth.

Moonrise Emberjaw Pin [Undead Labs]
Available at the Undead Labs booth.

Sentinels of the Multiverse Baron Blade Pin [Greater Than Games]
Available at the Greater Than Games booth.

Sheriff Spoopifer Pin [Loading Ready Run]
Available at the Loading Ready Run booth.

PvP Giddyup Pin [Scott Kurtz]
Available at Scott Kurtz’s booth.

Broodhollow Iris Pin [Kris Straub]
Available at Kris Straub’s booth.

All the Penny Arcade folks will be trading as well. We’ll have:

Broodax Gabe- Get this one from me!
Helmet Tycho - Get this one from Tycho!
Staff Pins Series 1
Staff Pins Series 2 - Get these from PA staff!

Check out the Pin Quest post over on the Pinny Arcade site for more info and a checklist so you can keep track of your collection.

-Gabe out

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