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Tycho / on Mon, Feb 2 2015 at 12:48 pm

Typo Brahe

The first iteration of today’s post is a good example of how I became known by this moniker.  I am at home, and very sick, and occasionally a cat “helped” with the typing, but even so: I set myself toward the feverish resolution of these errors.  “Feverish” is a double entendre there.  Chrome is trying to tell me that entendre isn’t a word, but I entend to stick with it.  Also, it wanted me to change “prostrate zombie” in the post to “prostate zombie,” which, I mean… tell me more.

I also added a link to Videoball which, despite the agent of its manufacture - known villain and exile Tim Rogers - should be known by the larger world and used as a stand-in for war between nations.  I also fixed the spelling on the first instance of Tim Rogers.  He just…  he seems like someone who would have D in there, somewhere, a nonsense D, a D he has no right to and hasn’t earned, just to fuck with people.


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