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Tycho / on Fri, Feb 13 2015 at 10:35 am

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Apparently, a vasectomy - vasectimism? - can be caught.  I’ve started a powerful trend other men are powerless to resist, and Goribraleelon swayed and danced to my flute.  This is like a Pied Piper thing, I guess.  Except my dick would be the flute in this case?  I need to think through some of these metaphors before I commit to them, maybe.  Like, just consider some of the ramifications.

You might look at the comic and wonder if there could possibly be a podcast for that strip.  Can the MP3 format even contain it, more like!!!  But yes, it can; it’s just audio.  You’ll have it soon.  The whole thing is scary, and I’m glad I was here to make it substantially worse.  Something I didn’t tell him before he went in is that after they cauterize all your shit they offer a menu of “aftermarket” services that vary from place to place but typically include a few stalwarts:

- Urethral Rifling for unparalleled range and stopping power.
  -  “Taint Paint” Neon Underglow/Subwoofer Kit
-  A spoiler which runs horizontally down the entire cylinder
  -  Lightning Port

I was mostly making all this up but now that I think about it, a Lightning Port would be amazing.  Especially at conventions.

Alright.  So, I’m gonna post something else in a little bit here.  When we were on stage at PAX South, we got a question that asked us what we would commit to, on stage, that we haven’t done.  Michael - who is called Mihael, by the mountain folk - suggested that he would return to the Iron Church, and become swole thereby.  He has done so, and is now a genetic beast lobster.  Somehow, I agreed to start that goddamned Lookouts book.

Understand that I have started it many times.  I know virtually everything about it.  I also know that when I look at the screen in Google Docs my mind is as blank and featureless as the page I see there.  When it comes to the strip, or the post, I have very set times these things need to be done, and I always do them.  I didn’t have a way to cross apply that to a longer form piece, not really - not in a way that had teeth.  But apparently a vow in front of a couple thousand people had the correct PSI or whatever.  Writing it was hard until it wasn’t.  I really want to thank that guy, because if you get a book out of this, it’s on him.  I hope he likes it.

(CW)TB out.

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