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Tycho / on Fri, Apr 17 2015 at 10:28 am

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I’m given to exaggeration.  Example: I once said that mice were “way, way smaller than voles,” and got an earful from the Rodent Liberation Front, Friends of the Mouse and the Vole Association.  But I am not exaggerating and am in fact being circumspect with my language when I suggest that redemption arcades are a spectacularly bad investment.

I’m not sure I would have thought the new Daredevil show was possible before I’d seen the new Daredevil.  I thought the same thing about The Flash, I guess.  If I hadn’t been forced to sit on ice and not move for a couple days, I still wouldn’t know that The Flash - against every natural law - is a worthy investment of one’s dwindling lifeforce.  Still can’t watch Arrow.  After the Crossover episode before, I decided I wanted to be an Arrow fan but I only got a couple episodes in.  It’s not for me.  And I’m not saying that I don’t like it!  I’m saying that they made it for someone else, so me not wanting to watch it sorta makes sense.

It’s about the parenthesis, the containment membrane, in either of the last two cases.  They cleverly play around with this idea even in dialogue: The Flash and Arrow are from different towns, and these towns have different rules.  Given the thesis for Flash, they’ve actually constrained themselves substantially.  I don’t feel like Arrow makes sense even according to its own rules.  I’ll dip a toe back in when the seasons ends, maybe I missed something.  But let’s talk about Daredevil.

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not Agents of SHIELD has improved or that those who hurtle in its orbit are suffering from that Stockholm Syndrome that is firmly associated with geek shows.  We want our tastes recognized so badly that we are often willing to endure the lash.  Dollhouse had two - I repeat, two - watchable episodes, and people are still leaning bouquets against its cursed stone.  We allow for qualifiers to scaffold that which is connected with our passions; a show may be “good for a comic show,” which is another way of saying “bad.”

You have Netflix, I feel very confident of this.  If not, you know someone who does.  Here’s what’s going on with Daredevil.  I don’t really have to say much, and after I say it, I’m just going to step back.  Daredevil is a comic show that you can watch without feeling like an asshole.


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