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Tycho / on Wed, Jun 10 2015 at 11:33 am

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Balmy Ballads

I use Spotify for the same reason people used to use Xbox Live; their friends had it.  Right?  How much multiplayer do you want to play, and how much of that consists of you being ground into a powder by abusive strangers?  It doesn’t describe a truly authentic choice.  Likewise, if I want to make sure I’m hearing a sufficient quota of weird-ass shit from the people I know, Spotify trivializes the “here is my playlist” process.  Then I can split this playlist from the bottom to the top and throw out the garbage.

There’s very little music that falls into that category for me, though.  I have whatever the musical version of pica is.  I have to stuff it all deep in my craw-zone.  I’m always afraid, in any cultural context, that I’m missing this or that vital nutrient.  The nutrient in question may not exist.  Indeed, it might actually be poison.  Only one way to find out, bottoms up, etc.

I wish I hadn’t gotten out of this practice of exposure; then again, I’m already keeping tight tabs on one exploding medium, and carrying PAX from nation to nation like a reliquary and trying to establish what will one day be The Old Ways.  I used to decry the explosion of genres, and they haven’t stopped expanding, but I think we actually need this technology.  We need crabcore.  Well, maybe we don’t need crabcore.  But you know what I mean.

I can’t say that I one hundred percent know what the difference between “Metal Mutilation” and “Deep-Bore Anal Metal” might be, but, you know.  The Spotify havem the musics on there.  I can push the play and then the musics can to be hearing them.


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