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Tycho / on Mon, Aug 10 2015 at 4:11 pm

Pinny Arcade News Onslaught

So, so much going on.  Okay.  Let’s start.

The Pinny Arcade Pin Trading Bag, with tasteful Orange or Blue accent, has arrived.  You could put non-pins in this bag, but why:

As we have established, it is a very versatile bag.  But!  I have at least one idea about what to put in there.  Behold:  the new Core Set 2.0 which replaces the old Core Set.  Which was apparently 1.0, but we didn’t know that yet.  It looks like this.  Also, feast your eyes on the new lanyard:

We also have Pin Backs up!  Multicolored standard backs or the metal locking ones you have seen the pros use on Discovery Channel’s “Pin Masters” or The Learning Channel’s “Badge Wars.”  Check them out here:

Later this week we will reveal the PAX Prime 2015 set, and it might be the most amazing collection yet.  Gabe had the cool idea to do pins a few years ago, good job him, but when I look at this set I can hear the voice of the Emperor cawing about fully armed and operational battle stations.


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