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Gabe / on Wed, Mar 23 2016 at 8:46 am


I’ll be chaperoning a 5th grade camp for the next couple of days. The kids are not allowed to bring any electronics but I’ll be packing some technology. Cigarettes might not be a currency at camp but I have a feeling access to Youtube might be. I’ll be a king!

Video Games!

Disney Infinity: Marvel Battlegrounds

This game really surprised me with how great it is. It’s sold as a Playset and includes a new Captain America figure. The game itself is essentially Powerstone for all your Marvel characters. It’s a four player arena brawler that lets you play with the figs you have but also has a mechanic to try out characters you haven’t purchased yet. You might be wondering how you put four figures on the base and the answer is you don’t. Placing one of your figures on the pad “unlocks” that character for play. Once it is unlocked anyone can choose it. The pad is used during the match for power discs. You can place up to six of your discs on there and they will drop as power ups during the fight. Also, all the characters have brand new moves and their level doesn’t matter at all. It’s easily the most fun I’ve had in Disney Infinity.

The Division

I wasn’t sold on the Division at first but I kept coming back to it. The gameplay is really good and I LOVE the way the main base of operations works and ties into your character. For me the only thing that keeps me from getting hooked 100% is the setting and the loot. I need more fantastic environments and gear. KIlling a boss and having boot cut jeans drop is not exciting for me. If I want fashionable winter coats I’ll go to Eddie Bauer. I need pauldrons and capes and shit like that. I don’t think I’m done playing it but it hasn’t gotten its hooks in me like other gear chase games have.

-Gabe out

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