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Tycho / on Fri, Aug 24 2018 at 10:30 am

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Cleansing Fire

When Grickle and I were at Mox Boarding House last week, the Bellevue one, I saw a copy of Disney’s Villainous and felt that familiar shudder that accompanies surprise exposure to a pathogen.

We’ve all been subject to this kind of product, or, perhaps I should say, “this kind of product,” by which I mean the hasty, gauche application of a branded lacquer onto an otherwise languid design.  You get burned by something like this a couple times and then you institute a policy to protect yourself from this kind of excess.  You dig a moat around your heart.

Except Mike was up at Zulu’s Game Cafe, saw the beautiful cards and boards and was unable to resist.  But then he got fuckin’ seized by some really novel asymmetric gameplay and thoughtful commingling of theme and mechanics around these outsized personalities.  Something for you to consider, if - like me - you have “had your shots” when it comes to IP shenanigans.

I attend a lot of conventions a year, at least, I think so.  I feel like five is a lot.  Maybe that’s a reasonable amount and I only notice it because my tender, youthful cartilage has been ground away.  The danger of these shows is that it places me in close proximity to tabletop riches.  I have left things I brought with me to have more room for games to bring home.  The most dangerous show, ironically, is the smallest one - PAX Unplugged.  Sure, I’ve got time for another indie wargame(!!!).

I have a physical version of a Steam Backlog and there’s a real shame there.  It’s nonsensical in a way, but somehow I feel like I’m letting these boxes down…?

(CW)TB out.

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