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Tycho / on Fri, Nov 27 2020 at 12:01 am

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The "new console" I'm after is a 3080, but regardless of which one of these devices you want, you can't really buy it. The only way to get one of these things is to have one sent to you, or to hurl yourself upon the resale market to the tune of (last I checked) about eighteen hundred bucks. That appears to be something like a stable price for the device, having seen it many times, and it's a multiple of six which indicates - to me at least - the involvement of The Beast.

Today is kind of a big day on the store, as this header image will attest:

We have unleashed the Acquisitions Incorporated: Work From Home Edition!

We've got an incredible soft pant Dabe calls a "jogger," we've got a Blood Blood Blood Shirt, we've got an on-brand replacement for your mask, and we have a reversible blanket that will also serve as a mystical cape in a pinch.  

Longtime ally Enfu has a few items on sale now, including new entries in his Kitties and Puppies pin sets from Pinny Arcade.

Speaking of which... at 4pm PDT today, we unleash the Pinny Arcade Double Secret Boxes. Right now, that link says Sold Out, but this is a temporary condition I assure you.

Please note that all existing Salvage Protocols are still unlocked, with custom tier gifts for Christmas plus free shipping on orders over a hundred bucks.


(CW)TB out.

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