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Gabe / on Mon, Dec 13 2010 at 11:17 am

As Tycho mentioned above I I have decided to take a break from my normal Monday night game. Two years ago this month I approached my friends and asked if they would like to try Dungeons and Dragons. We had been getting together weekly to play the World of Warcraft TCG and I thought it would be fun to try something different. They all agreed to give it a shot and I bought myself the books I needed right before Christmas. In January of 2009 we had our first adventure, just some Kobolds in a cave. I had no idea that two years later they would be battling the five heads of Tiamat in an adventure that spans time and space.

I’ve had a ton of fun running this game but now as I get near the end of the story I’m feeling a little burnt out. The Characters are all about level 25 now and I only have a few levels left to wrap this thing up. I’ve always had an idea about how I would end it but the details just aren’t there yet and I haven’t really felt inspired. Maybe part of it is that I don’t want it to end but no matter what the reason I just need to take a break from it.

That’s not to say I want to take a break from Dungeon Mastering though. In fact quite the opposite. We have all become obsessed with Warmachine recently and in doing some research I discovered the Iron Kingdoms. Essentially it is a table top RPG set in the Warmachine world. I dug a little deeper and found a very highly reccoemnded adventure called the Witchfire Trilogy designed to take new players from level 1-7. All of the Iron Kingdoms materials are written for D&D 3.5 but there are tons of conversions available online and a with tools from WOTC like the monster builder I don’t think I’ll have any trouble getting it switched over to 4e.

I’ve already sent out pages of information about the world of the Iron Kingdoms to my players and had them start building their new characters. We are scheduled to start the adventure on January 3rd and I have not been this excited to play D&D in a long time.

My hope is that once we’re done with the Witchfire Trilogy I’ll be ready to come back to our regular game and give it the ending it deserves.

-Gabe out

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