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Dabe's New Offline Hoodie!

By Tycho – May 24, 2024

You mighta gotten a preview of this powerful beast from PAX East - and now, it has materialized here on your native plane.  As I suggested on Tweeter, it's not a Dabe product if it doesn't have several garments' worth of additional design.  Just one of these sleeves is essentially a store's worth of looks.  Take a peek:

#Warhammer For Lunch!

By Tycho – May 23, 2024

On today's #Warhammer For Lunch, MORE Birds. MORE bugs! Well, the same amount of birds as last time, but way more bugs in this list. Bear witness as @theKiko's Raven Guard🐦‍⬛ squander their warp-wrought gifts against my Tyranid🪲 invasion fleet. Noon PST!


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