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Gabe / on Fri, Mar 8 2002 at 4:00 pm


The Sega ads are now working correctly. Please feel free to interact with them in a clicking oriented fashion.  If you’re hungry for more information about this whole free SegaNet deal give this page a look. It breaks it all down and gives you links to all the important stuff. As Tycho mentioned before we plan on playing PSO all day on the 16th and 17th. As it gets closer we will put up some more information about how to hook up with us.

-Gabe out.

Tycho / on Fri, Mar 8 2002 at 3:01 pm

A Brief Addendum.

Astute readers are quite correct - Battlezone (and its sequel, Battlezone 2) do many of the things we discussed today - and then they disappeared completely.  Not just the games, now.  Like the bold strokes of Allegiance, their advances - and indeed, the germ of some new genre - vanished entirely.  None of the games I’ve mentioned sold well, so while it is unfortunate, it’s also easy to understand why these concepts never took root.  But a vigorous design - gleefully deep, immediately accessible, and marshalling the true vigor of the C&C license - I’m naive enough to hope things would be different.


Gabe / on Fri, Mar 8 2002 at 1:59 pm

Damn Gromps keep eating my Doops!

I could probably talk for a long time right now about Herdy Gerdy. I know I like it…I think I may love it.  It is a game of extremes. It’s amazing to see a game go from moments of absolute genius to scenes of un-paralleled stupidity. However since I have not done a review in a while I think I’ll save my thoughts on Herdy Gerdy and actually right a full review of it. I am gonna try and burn through it this weekend and see if I can’t have something up for Monday. I keep thinking there is someone else I know playing this game right now as well, but I honestly can’t remember his name.

Check out what Dan Cuadra of Los Angeles California made in woodshop class! That is like a hundred times better than the shitty towel holder I made. I gave it to my mom and she acted all happy but I know as soon as I moved out of the house that thing went in the garbage.

Lately I have had the opportunity to play quite a bit of Tekken 4 down at Quarters my local arcade. I love this game more and more every time I play it.  It’s hard to imagine having Virtua Fighter 4 and Tekken 4 both available on the same system very shortly. I imagine that once they both become available things like food and sleep will go right out the window.  If you can’t wait for the PS2 release why not build your own Tekken 4 arcade machine out of a fucking Craftsman tool chest? Check out Catlord’s page he knows all about it.

I gotta go herd some bleeps now.

-Gabe out.

anon / on Fri, Mar 8 2002 at 1:49 pm

Obviously MORE hate mail is needed

No one said anything to me about this DC-athon when they know good and well that I have a DC!  I love my DC!  I still buy controllers and memory cards whenever I see them on clearance at big stores!  I have a big stack of them sitting in the corner like it’s almost Christmas(or whatever that Jewish holiday is right around Christmas)!  SO, it’s up to you now… flame like you’ve never flamed before!  Defend me, because I’m tired of being ignored!  There’s got to be something I did that made you laugh at one point.  Hey, remember the hilarious video I posted on my page of a frat boy being beaten up by a cop?  You loved that!  Everyone loved that!  And by loving that you love me!  Help put a stop to the mistreatment of me.

Gabe and I are currently playing Herdy Gerdy, and despite horrific load times we’re both really digging it so far.  Now Gabe is fairly easy to please… give him what you call “a good game” or a “Neo Geo game” and he’s usually pretty content.  Now me on the other hand, I likes my games full of hilarious death animations, death sounds and the ability to do wrong by the “innocent” and “undeserving” so long as that game isn’t State of Emergency.  But now here we have a game as harmless and sexually suggestive as a Disney movie, and yet I’m still playing it.  This doesn’t happen very often, folks.  Never mind that that I keep trying to do horrible things in this game, such as impale bunnies with my magic herding stick or whatever.  Also, I wouldn’t complain if at some point I receive a magical cattle prod to help me with my herding duties, but even if that doesn’t happen and the game continues to be full of adorableness and quirky, addictive gameplay I’ll be happy.

Tycho / on Fri, Mar 8 2002 at 10:15 am

I say!

It’s been said that Fatal Frame is a Next-Generation homage to the N64’s classic “Resident Evil: Snap,” but it’s hard to say.

Also, and this brings a tear to my eye, maybe even more than one:  people are still playing Allegiance.  Maybe dreams do come true!


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