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Child's Play is Hiring!

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of children and teens in hospitals around the world? Want to be part of a small, supportive, collaborative, and impactful team that is passionate about improving kids' quality of life? Join our team at Child's Play Charity and improve the lives of kids through the power of play!

Generation ZZZ

If you were wondering how MiYoHo was investing their Genshin billions, now we know. They're making some kind of crazy action thing called Zenless Zone Zero and it is exclusively for those with the natural and wholesome glow of youth, as opposed to humanity's waste products - remaindered husks of once vital souls, cherubic perfection fettered by the accretion of time and skin.

New Stuff!

By Gabe – May 18, 2022

I've been in a bit of a slump recently when it comes to drawing but a new idea has got me drawing a bunch more and feeling better!


As a corrolary to the assertion that there are certain flavors of stupid you can only learn at college, I think we have to say that there are certain types of harm that only the very, very well-intentioned can even aspire to.


Inverse Cinematics

The first couple minutes of the first episode of Halo, I was like… shit, man. Okay. Maybe we're getting somewhere. But then as soon as Chief comes in, clearly, obviously, definitely swiping at things that aren't actually there - like man in the throes of some kind of episode - I stopped it.

Beb Kineb

Until I saw the latest trailers, I could take or leave an Obi-Wan show. You literally never know what you're gonna get from these guys anymore. They managed to fuck up Boba Fett, somehow! Then, if you see the trailer, and you have any affection for Star Wars at all - any pure remnant of the joy they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars reducing to ash - you might think to yourself, well, maybe I'm in for one more go-'round.


Saturday Sketch Dump!

Here's another random assortment of sketches from the Penny Arcade archives. The Penny Arcade Archives in this case are a DropBox that I forgot about for a few years. Enjoy!


One Weird Trick

The strip is utterly true - both in terms of the theft of his card, what they attempted to purchase, and the simple techniques you can use to secure treasures in abundance. Imagine that there is a groove worn in Gabriel's digital identity. If you steal his card, just live deep down in that rut, where rain collects. If you eat nothing but "Carl's Junior" and build Gunpla, they won't even know you exist.