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Tycho / on Mon, Apr 15 2002 at 6:30 am

The Game Detective: Part Three

This comic should evacuate any trace of continuity we had left.  The G4 Network still hasn’t contacted us about our valuable “Game Detective” property, which is unfortunate because I crave riches.  Come back on Wednesday, when we will undoubtedly gush about Soccer Slam the whole time.  I actually bruised my thumb playing it, which hasn’t happened in years.

The MOP LAN Party was dense with home-cooked flavour.  It has completely reamed my sleep cycle - which was already leaning towards “never” - but that’s how you can tell it was good.  I got TacOps installed (congratulations to the team on getting published, by the way), but never ended up playing it even though I think it’s pretty good.  We got some Wolf in, and received a beating of savage ferocity.  We were able to convince a critical mass of people to play JK2 CTF - it has a steep learning curve against more experienced players, but it seems like people had a good time.  The gametype was eventually switched by vote to Duel, which I’d avoided thus far because I was under the impression that I would prefer the team-based modes.  Many players left to play in Free For All deathmatches when we made the switch, but there was a core group of five duelists that played until four o’clock in the morning.  It was spiritual.  I’ve been told that there is an etiquette developing in the online duel servers, which doesn’t surprise me at all - in the right state of mind, the one-on-one, ranked saber combat feels like an event of critical importance.  The first match was pretty straightforward, as we determined how the gameplay worked - it’s very accessible to those familiar with Rocket Arena, two people to a fight while the rest of the server spectates.  Then, Doc began to wait for an attacker to lunge at him, at the last minute igniting his saber and striking back.  I contributed the command to taunt your opponent, which (as you can imagine) received a lot of use.  Someone else added in the walking toward your opponent with the saber off, implying that kicking someone’s stupid ass is something of a leisure activity for you.  By the time we were done playing, it was as much (if not more) about giving the spectators a good show that defeating your opponent.  It had a great social quality to it.  It’ll be interesting to jump on a couple pubs today, and see what the atmosphere is like.

E3 excitement has begun to build in intensity, there’s a list of stuff confirmed to be there at IGN if you’d like to take a look.  I’ve been to the page, but I just sort of skim over it.  I like to just wander around, lost on the show floor for a couple days.  It’s not scientific, or efficient, or even a good idea, really, but aside from our annual meeting with BioWare to see my beloved Neverwinter, we don’t really have a schedule to speak of.  It’s going to be a hell of a year for it, though - with big announcements from all three home consoles, clarifications on their online strategies, top secret shit, and weird things, like a kangaroo boxing a beautiful woman.  It’s like market research, male fantasy, marsupials, and the company credit card got together and started using drugs.  It’s surreal in the extreme, and I hope we’ll be able to capture more video of the spectacle this year.   

We’ve got an advertising slot open for next month, if you’d like to let people know about some new thingy you’re making or selling.  Let us know if that sounds like you, we’re ridiculously easy to work with.  You can also have Gabe for one night.   

(CW)TB out.

my pencil never could pencil

Gabe / on Fri, Apr 12 2002 at 5:37 pm

A New Feature!

I just uploaded a new feature I have been working on called “Gabe’s big list of idiots!” It’s not all that big yet, but I expect it to grow.

-Gabe out

Gabe / on Fri, Apr 12 2002 at 9:51 am

Just say no to ROMS

I have seen mention on a few of the various forums I visit that there is now a King of Fighters 2001 ROM available. It certainly didn’t take them long to dump it. It’s sad because Playmore really seems to be working hard to revitalize the Neo Geo brand. With the re-release of Mark of the Wolves and Last Blade 2 on the DC and rumors of KoF 2000,2001 and Metal Slug 3 on the PS2 things are certainly looking bright. A KoF 2001 ROM can only hurt our chances of seeing those rumors become a reality. I never agreed with people who emulated Neo games but I could respect their point that they were not hurting anyone since SNK was so far in the crapper financially. However now that Playmore has taken over things have changed.  I think it is important that we support their endeavors to breathe life back into the Neo Geo and it’s games. If Playmore sees that there is an audience for these titles on new systems like the DC and the PS2 the possibilities are endless. A whole new generation of gamers will finally be exposed to great games like Samurai Showdown, Metal Slug, and King of Fighters. It’s only through the financial success of these games that we can ever hope to see new titles in these series like Mark of the Wolves 2 and Samurai Showdown 5. Emmulation only serves to hurt the chances of these games ever becoming a reality.

Evidently we have entered into some kind of pissing match with Tribalwar. I took a peak at their forums this morning and they seem to be taking the whole thing quite seriously. Countless topics suggesting that bodily harm should be inflicted on Tycho and myself as well as more than one supposition that we are in fact perhaps homosexuals. Our wives will be quite surprised to hear that bit of news I’m sure. Evidently they have coordinated some kind of “forum invasion” in an attempt to destroy our server. This sounds rather nasty but as far as I can tell it simply involves them posting weird pictures in our forum with the word “owned” scrawled on them. I wish them the best of luck, the road ahead of them is not an easy one. I think if we can handle a permanent link on the front page of Slashdot we should be able to handle their little forum invasion. I’m not sure they understand that we are actually hosted by the same people and that there is one man responsible for the maintenance of both our forums. I guess these are all things they failed to take into consideration. I think they need to just relax a bit and forget about it. They should quit filling their “general Tribes” forum with anti-PA threads, and just go back to posting porn and complaining about homework.

The latest edition of Love and Hate: with Kara and Batjew is now online. Don’t forget you can also read past installments via the handy link in our features section.

-Gabe out

Tycho / on Fri, Apr 12 2002 at 6:25 am

Triple Threat (3T)

I put the winners up here - thanks to everyone for entering, and I promise I’ll have a more efficacious contest entry technology in place for the next one.  Mad love goes out to Sanguine Productions, Sam at Exploding Dog, and Microsoft for making really cool shit.


Tycho / on Fri, Apr 12 2002 at 5:46 am

Choose Your Own Adventure

  • XIII Shots:  The initial art they showed for this game really caught my eye, as it looked as though we might be seeing a game that was not only cel-shaded, but also rendered in crisp black and white.  New information reveals that flashbacks will use that approach, but the main body of the game will be presented in full color and also rooka so nice.  Damn, those Battlefield 1942 shots ain’t bad, neither.

  • 3D Display Thing:  Pardon me, but Jesus Christ.  Maybe everybody else knew that we could pull this kind of shit off, but I don’t really follow the, you know, 3D Display scene or whatever.  I have a sneaking suspicion they brought it back in a time machine.

  • Super Mario Bros. 2 at Overclocked Remix:  Let it be known that DJ Pretzel is a saint for what he does, running a veritable funkatorium for wayward Gaming beats.  Estradasphere‘s latest jam - this SMB2 thing - is a compulsory download.

  • Natural Selection Mod for HL:  It’s like these assholes have some weird machine inside my brain that tells them what I want.  I’ve talked about how a Command & Conquer: Renegade with just as much conquering but more commanding would bind me into servitude.  Well, no need to wait for some jackhole to authorize innovation.  Natural Selection is congealing my gaming fantasies.

  • Team Aerial Combat 2:  I was overjoyed to find that this project is still in development, and reinstalled Tribes 2 expressly to play it.  It looks like a new release may be out shortly, and if I had a bit to chomp at I would be chomping at it right now.

  • A Kick Ass Tribes Render::  Alex Scollay works on Farscape, so when he makes a Tribes 2 picture, you should probably go look at it.

  • WSBN Tonight!:  Their own DwarfVader asked us to be on the show as well, but seeing as we haven’t played Tribes for months and months, we probably aren’t the best people to have on a program entitled “The Future of the Community.”  It’s going to be a great show, if this list of participants is correct - it goes down tonight, April 12th, at 9:30 pm EST on Server 1.  I’m going to be getting my LAN Party on over at the Ministry Of Peace around that time - Upstairs Crew 4 life - so I’ll have to catch it in the archive.


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