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Tycho / on Fri, Mar 29 2002 at 2:40 am

I Rhyme With Pink

And I contain hypertext references.  What am I?


  • I Got This In Some Spam:  And it ended up being sort of interesting.  The Multisensit Transform Engine purports to break down your raw text into its sensory and emotional components.  It seems to think I’m tense and agitated, which makes me feel tense.  And agitated.

  • I Guess His Xbox Broke:  Apart from my fiendish Internet Connection, I have had very good luck with consumer electronics.  I don’t post this link because I think that it represents some point on a graphed epidemic, but it is interesting, and has words of advice for certain owners.

  • EarthBound Petition:  Starman Dot Net needs help building the thirty thousand signatures they need to make a statement to Nintendo.  Who knows if the Gods will hear their plaintive cries, but I guess it can’t hurt to wave your arms around and say “Notice me, Notice Me.”  I like to be contrary to things like this, as my rational mind does not consider this brand of Gamer Activism particularly efficacious, but I just have a soft spot for them.

  • Broadband My Ass:  Thomas P. Reidy III used to contribute strips to our old site The Bench a lot, only his comics didn’t have any Benches in them, let alone Squirrels or Gabes.  I thought they were pretty great, and he’s been telling me for over a year he was going to start up a site and do it on his own.  I like to reward perseverance!

  • Kingdom Hearts Preview:  The GIA never fails to please, Gabe and I devoured this hands-on info earlier today.  Though it - and by it, I mean this “Square/Disney collaboration” - seems like something borne of a lost bet or something, by this account they’ve accomplished something rather remarkable.

Man, I’m not even touching this Star Wars thing.  I mean, I’ve played the multi - I had a blast.  Do I think story-based mission modes - with discrete classes, weapons, and abilities - would be better in every way, and hold better to the license?  Yes, I think that too.  But my momma always told me to eat what was on my plate, so I’ve got my fork out.


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