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Gabe / on Fri, Mar 29 2002 at 11:40 am

Is it retarded in here or is it just Monkey?

Thank you to everyone who mailed me in response to my little rant above. I was surprised at just how many of you agree with me. Of the hundred or so e-mails I got, only two of you felt like I was in the wrong. Since it seems like so many of us are in agreement on this subject I’ll just do what we all do in real life. Ignore what Safety Monkey said and continue our conversation as if he’d never spoken at all.

Many of you offered ideas to improve upon my multiplayer concepts. One idea that came up more than once was a solution to having only one or two Jedi on each team. There would of course be more than one or two people who wanted to play the Jedi. Many of you suggested that the role of the Jedi be given to the highest scorer on each team. Others thought that people should rotate through that position. Points could also be given for completing mission objectives and you could earn the right to wield a lightsaber by having the most points. All of these are fantastic ideas and I think any of them would work well in a game.

Josh Marotti is ready to get started right now on a mod like the one we have talked about here, for Unreal Tournament. He would like anyone interested in working on it to contact him. I think it’s a great idea and I look forward to seeing what they come up with. It seems to me like a mod for JKII though is what’s needed. All the models are basically there already. I’m sure it’s jut a matter of time before some industrious group of mod makers delivers the game we all want to play so bad. Hell I would even love to see Raven release it. They could do something along the lines of Quake 3 Arena if they wanted to. Make it a commercial release with new maps and new mission based multiplayer modes. I know I’d pay for that.

In other news the first installment of Love and Hate: With Kara and Batjew is now online. I think it is safe to say they were overwhelmed by the response they got. I’d say they recieved about a hojillion e-mails just in the first day.

Hah Hah check out these guys!

-Gabe out

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