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Tycho / on Mon, Apr 15 2002 at 6:31 am

My Bologna Has a First Name

  • Warhammer 40k CCG:  I don’t usually mention this kind of stuff, even though I’m fascinated by many games of this type - but I’ve heard some amazing shit from my man Fodder up north.  Cards have as many as four different functions, each power balanced against the other.  I just wrote the company today about maybe seeing a demo of the game or asking a few questions, hopefully they’ll get back to me so I can tell you more.

  • Shining Lore:  Shining Lore is a blah blah blah something something something.  It looks like a fully three-dee Ragnarok Online I guess.  Great.  I’m only trying to draw your attention to their concept art, which I would describe as a “visual triumph.”

  • Puzzle Bobble Online:  That’s right, Puzzle Bobble - but online.  Tiny dragons who harness the power of the bubble against itself.  If you already know Japanese, you can go right there and start playing.  If not - and my money is on not - hit this page “Hikash” whipped up for us, and give ‘er a go.

  • Undelicious:  Heard about this one from my man Crow at the LAN.  This is mainly of interest to those living in the northwest, specifically in King County - but I’m sure there’s some analogue local to you.  Have a restaurant you like to eat at a lot?  Type their name into this form and find out why you should never eat out again.

  • Flux:  Also from the LAN, whenever Pork wasn’t trying to get me to play Armagetron, he was trying to get me into Flux.  Flux is a puzzle game that has some elements in common with PopCap‘s legendary Bejeweled, in that you click on things.  Almost everything else is different.


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