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Gabe / on Mon, Apr 15 2002 at 4:28 pm

Warms my heart

Sweet Jesus!  The response from young and old alike to my last update is overwhelming. Each time I refresh my mail I have another 50 messages. I am getting a lot of mail from guys my age waxing nostalgic about having to blow on carts to make them work and sticking cardboard in your NES. I have also gotten a few mails which really surprised me. I would like to share one such message with you now. Matt here is twelve years old. That means that when I was playing Super Mario Brothers 3 Matt hadn’t even been born yet. When Samurai Showdown hit my local arcade he was barely three years old. And yet…*sniff*…He…oh just read the e-mail:

“Hey Gabe,first of I want to say I have been a fan of your site for a very long time, thanks for making it.  In response to your recent rant about how you are seeing things different than kids these days I don’t think you should feel old because altho there are kids like the “L33t” you were talking about theres also kids like me.  I am only 12 years old and my first system was the SNES (the first version not the one with all the buttons near the side)and I chose to buy it it wasnt my sisters or anything.Like you I think that 2D is far superior to 3D, dont get me wrong, I love 3D games just not as much as 2D. Also I LOVE SNK, altho I can’t afford a Neo-Geo I do own a Neo-Geo pocket color , and even tho it’s dead I still play KOF, SamSho, Match of the Melinium(SNK vs Capcom), and of corse Card Fighters Clash. Well I hope my letter makes you feel young again or something like that.”


*sniff*…I’m not crying…I just have something in my eye.

-Gabe out

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