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Tycho / on Wed, Apr 17 2002 at 6:27 am

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Resident, Uh…  Something

Here’s today’s comic.

Please, feel free to examine the two new shots available at Gamespot, although your guess is as good as mine as to what these shots actually depict.  We do offer helpful suggestions for one of them in our strip today, but theses images are so pregnant with meaning - I mean, ambiguity - that it is utterly mystifying why they were made available.  Well, maybe not all that mystifying - I mean, everybody went and looked at it, so, you know, mission accomplished I guess. 

Where I used to suckle for a few minutes at least on a screenshot archive, I now find myself uninterested (for the most part) in that form of promotion.  You’ve got shots like this RE stuff, which are (quite possibly) just camstills taken in their office with the lights off and Bob-san dressed as a zombie.  You’ve got miserable shit, like the stuff they put out for Kabuki Warriors or Bruce Lee - I’m not exactly Mr. PR or anything, but what the fuck is wrong with you people?  What makes you show your ass like that?  If it comes down to showing nothing, or shoving your dick in my eye, I shouldn’t have to properly deliniate your course of action.  Then, you’ve got the excellent shots which (in the volume they are released, these days) invariably detract from the final experience.  I try to maintain some vestige of surprise anymore.

By the way, that same screenshot archive goes back to RE Zero’s N64 roots, please don’t think it’s the Cube responsible for those Dinty Moore, man-sized pixels.  It be like Diesel Sweeties or some shit.

I have a compression fetish, which I’m essentially “out” about.  Mostly rehabilitated, I can now fight the urge to squish things - but it is this fetish that caused me to post a link to Ogg Vorbis, a free, open audio standard.  It warmed my heart to hear that Unreal Tournament 2003 would be using Ogg Vorbis as its default music format, and it’s easy to see how a developer (specifically, a developer’s bottom line) could benefit from compact, quality audio without licensing the now ubiquitous MP3.  I just thought this was a pleasant bit of dork news, and I hadn’t seen it emphasized anywhere.  Thanks to Unreality for the great article. 

I don’t know if Gabe will be more chipper, the odds are leaning towards no, but I think I’m gonna wrap up the post here.  I’ve recently acquired some exciting new illness - I’m sorry I didn’t issue a proper press release, but it hurts to even think right now.  In fact, the only thoughts I can coax out of my mind involve me crawling from the computer chair to the bedroom.  I was supposed to go over to Gabe’s yesterday to play Soccer Slam (which I crave chiefly of all the Earth’s delights) and had to turn it down.  Yes, it’s that serious.

(CW)TB out.

too bad you couldn’t do good at marriage

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