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Tycho / on Mon, Apr 22 2002 at 2:33 pm

The Final Word

Clem Samson-Samuel, warped map genius and sovereign of the bottomless pit, took time out from SoF2 to mail me back, which is very much appreciated.  What’s his take on Das Boost?  Read on, true believers…

Yes, I am the one who made that MP map, but I tried to keep a objective opinion in my plan update. :)  In any case I am glad you like the map.  As I said and you seem to agree, the fun is in the flow and not the look of the map.  In truth the map had more detail before, but I had to rip a lot of it out to make it run smoother ... funny since it always ran fine on my p2 450

Well I guess it worked out for the best since I haven’t heard anyone (expect maybe Voodo card people) have problems with the map.  It was gut renching to take out all the detail, but it needed to be done.

In regards to you question ‘boosting’ in my opinion is a form a gameplay. Personally in a team environment I like to encourage boosting as long as it isn’t unbalancing.  In some ways you can say the same thing about crouch jumping, because it can get you to places that you normally couldn’t get to and again I like that.  For example in the Shop there are several locations that I purposely made to allow the player to use the environment. The patio boosting is just one example, although we never internally tested it enough to see how unbalancing it is.  I never thought it would be too bad because there are draw backs to doing it.  There are other locations you can get to, but I didn’t know exit.

That lays it out pretty clearly.  The game is designed with this in mind, so tactics need to reflect that a tight offensive team (hardened by clan play) is going to get your briefcase and get back to the chopper in ten seconds.  That means you’re either covering the ledge over the cubicle room with incendiaries, or you never let the bastards touch it to begin with.


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