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Tycho / on Mon, May 13 2002 at 5:54 am

Rhymes With Sphinx

  • Invasive Advertising:  This is fascinating stuff, I almost wonder why it took them so long.  Seriously though, article guys, listen.  You’re calling these pieces of advertising software that install themselves via known security holes - viruses, essentially - anyway, you’re calling them Malware, and that is a pretty stupid name.  I don’t even care that you didn’t come up with it.  Why not Warewolves?  Or maybe Badvertising?  That took like five seconds.

  • Strange Horizons:  I think it’s adorable when people use the term Speculative Fiction, it seems like a code-word catch-all for geek shit.  Well, Strange Horizons is a weekly journal of that, and I’ve had some pretty good times there - John Scalzi (whose Agent To The Stars you might have read recently) dropped Alien Animal Encounters, but that’s only one example.  They update every Monday, but if you’ve never been there before, it doesn’t really matter what day you go.  You haven’t seen it anyway.

  • Cartoonist’s Choice Awards:  If I recall correctly, last year’s Cartoonists Choice Awards were a sort of front for the Keenspot Awards, or at least any reasonable person would have assumed that from the list of nominees.  If you are a cartoonist, they are seeking out your favorite online works in a handful of genres, like “Best Something Something” and “Best Stuff.”  We turned down our nomination last year as one of the Best Gaming Comics - you are welcome to call me a fucker for it, but I don’t have any intention of vying for position in a genre I helped create.

  • World RPS Society:  Yes, they do mean Rock, Paper, Scissors.  I had After Dark 4.0 for my 5300 where I used to work, and you can bet your ass I spent the whole day watching wily Rocks do battle with Paper which was also doing battle with Scissors at the time.  Hone strategies with he world’s best.

  • Roadies:  I’m always hearing that people from Britain or whatever need to be boiled right away, when really, I think that’s something we can put off for a bit.  I mean, who would make Flash games like Roadies, which is itself a sublime combination of Lemmings and The Incredible Machine?

  • Ludology:  From the site - “Ludology is a new discipline that studies games in general and computer games in particular. Here you will get news, opinions, upcoming conferences and links to articles.”  Well, yeah.  That sounds like a site I want to go to.


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