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Tycho / on Mon, May 27 2002 at 6:32 am

By The Letter L

  • Planetside Shit:  I never did get in to see the game I was most excited about, but a couple guys from Planetside Center hooked me up with what they saw.  They put up some good stuff on their site as well, and everybody can have some.

  • C&C Generals Stuff:  This is a great description of the Generals demo that was shown at E3, and I trust Warrior to tell the story.  A couple E3’s ago, he and I were lamenting the lack of properly modeled supressive fire in squad-based first person shooters, and it was then that I decided to keep an eye out for his opinions on things.   

  • Jon Katz Review of Dogtown and Z-Boys:  I started caring about pop-culture documentaries when they started talking about my culture.  This one joins Scratch and Bang the Machine in a recent spate of gleeful examinations.

  • Silent Hill 3:  I already talked about it a little bit, but I need to explicitly establish that I think Silent Hill is the best franchise in gaming.  This IGN Article claims that the story contains all new characters, which is fine, but a little disappointing - from the vague dialogue present in the trailer, I’d let myself hope that the new, female protagonist was connected to the first game.  I won’t say how, because I’m nice.  Whatever anyone says, until I have more information, I choose to believe that Konami’s gone for a bit of continuity in number three.

  • GameSpot’s Shenmue II Coverage:  There was a button on the controller you could manipulate to change the look of the game at any time - the basic one with a light glow around all characters, a black and white filter, and a red/orange filter.  It doesn’t really look as good as I was hoping it might, but it’s not done yet, and no matter how it turns out it’ll at least load faster than the DC version.  Sheesh.

  • Mashimaro:  Think “Marshmallow.”  Think of an insane nation that lets creatures like this run free.


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