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Gabe / on Wed, May 29 2002 at 12:09 pm

A sad day indeed

Well until Hunter came out I could honestly say there was no reason for me to own an X-Box. If it was just Hunter I would probably be happy playing it on Tycho’s. After seeing Panzer Dragoon and Psychonauts in action though I know I need one of my very own. I have not actually purchased it yet, but I am planning on renting out the apartment next door so that I have some place to keep it.

Event Gaming has put up their hands on impressions of the latest Neo Geo game Rage of the Dragons. It’s a new fighting game from Evoga based loosely on the Double Dragon series. I have read a lot of different reports on this one that say a lot of different things. Everyone who has had the opportunity to play it though seems to agree that the combo system and the control are pretty great. I am still working on my own review of King of Fighters 2001. I am hoping to have it up in the Land of the Rising Fun section some time next week.

I don’t generally play RPG’s. However once every two or three years I get the urge. The last time it hit I played through Legend of Mana on the PSX and Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast. They were both fantastic games and I haven’t felt the need to play another RPG since. Until a few weeks ago that is. I was looking for a new GBA game to take to E3 with me and I felt the overwhelming desire to manage some hit points. I picked up Golden Sun and I am in love with it. However when these cravings surface, one RPG is never enough to bed them back down. I am planning on picking up Lost Kingdoms today. A, God help me card based RPG for the Cube.

I can’t tell you who this guy is or what game company he works for, but he has given us a fantastic little write up regarding his trip to E3.

What’s this? Oh it’s a holographic display from Nintendo.

-Gabe out

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