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Tycho / on Wed, May 29 2002 at 12:17 pm

Two Things


Must first person stealth suck?

No, that is clearly not the case - when it is implemented in a way that actually feels integrated.  Used as a ruse to extend play time without adding content, it is insulting.  I wasn’t crazy about it in NOLF, but they made it edible with amusing or intriguing writing - the game was so great that I put up with it.  I have a feeling that, in the final analysis, SOF2 will likely turn out the same way.  That isn’t quite “praise,” but I guess the net effect is that the games emerge from appraisal with a positive value in their respective “fun” columns.  The best example of sneaking in first person, obviously, is the Thief series - and here’s why.  As a play mechanism, it wasn’t affixed with gum, tape, and bailing wire.  In fact, it was the entire point - the interface, controls, levels, and lighting all intersected to create a valid experience. 

I’m smarter than you!  You said Gabe would spend $300 dollars on an Xbox, when they’re only $200! HAHAHAHAHA

Boy, this is something I never get tired of.


As much fun as the menu screens are, eventually, he’s going to get his clock set and exhaust their entertainment potential.  I give it five minutes, and that’s assuming he also makes a fort out of the box.  Let’s say that Gabe goes out and purchases an Xbox today, with the one pre-order we show in the strip, and a Type S controller - he harbors a well-publicized hatred for the one that comes with, and a second gamepad probably has an adoption rate nearing one-hundred percent.  If you had to guess at a price, don’t hurt yourself, but about where do you think it’d be? 


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