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Tycho / on Mon, Jun 10 2002 at 8:06 am


  • Kizombe!:  A few days ago, I don’t know how many, I was talking about this bizarre Nigerian money scam, which appears to be their nation’s largest export.  I was sent this excellent link, detailing the time a woman actually wrote them back.   

  • Arcane:  I think that the concept intrigues me more than this specific implementation, but whatever.  Arcane is an episodic, online graphic adventure which draws heavily on the writings of H. P. Lovecraft.  In my heart of hearts, since this was on the “The WB” site, I hoped it was a precursor to some kind of Cthulhu animated series.  I have an active imagination.

  • Nasubi:  There might be better places to get this information, but this will probably work.  Apparently, a Japanese man was tricked into becoming a national celebrity.  Worth reading.

  • Mechwarrior 4 Co-Op: Blessed are the crafty.  I guess I thought this project was designed to convert the maps that came with the original into a multiplayer friendly format, when in actuality they had to recreate each map, populate it with the correct bastards, and then write their own scripts to make it work right.  My hat is off to them, which is no mean feat.  I had to run to the store, actually get a hat, then take it off, etc.

  • Facing The Music:  An utterly riveting article about the modern music industry that I saw mentioned on Ars.  Covers music piracy, industry ineptitude, espouses a few possible theories, it’s delicious.  The book publishing industry comparisons are especially stimulating.


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