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Gabe / on Mon, Jul 29 2002 at 9:31 am

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

Jesus Christ, this isn’t the fucking Bataan Death March. It’s just a two day Road Trip to San Diego. I am sorry that you had to purchase the repairs that your car needed anyway in order to make this trip Monkey, but I’m sure you’ll be glad you did it when YOUR FUCKING CAR DOESN"T FALL APART ON THE FREEWAY. I personally think that a hundred bucks for gas and maybe eighty bucks for a hotel room split four ways seems quite a bit better than two hundred dollars per person to fly down there. That’s not including the fact that we would have had to pay to ship the two (very heavy) boxes of posters down there along with my tablet. You also cannot have an official Penny Arcade road trip in a GODDAMNED airplane. Now if you two pussies would be so kind as to shut you’re fucking cry holes and put on a happy face, MAYBE we can enjoy the next 22 hours. This is going to be the best road trip ever!

-Gabe out

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