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Tycho / on Wed, Aug 7 2002 at 11:08 am

Don’t Forget

Gabe was gone at the time, but a guy from Quicksilver came by - Quicksilver, you know.  Master of Orion III.  We had just set a guy up with a poster, and as he was leaving he asked us if we were looking forward to Master of Orion III.  What a stupid question, I thought.  That’s like asking if you’re looking forward to a blowjob.

Then, I looked at his badge. 

It’s a convention thing.  You see it at E3 as well, people staring at your chest, gazing at it with a hungry look.  I’d imagine many women are not unfamiliar with this strange chest fixation people seem to have, but it’s always new for me

His badge said Somebody Somebody Somebody, from Quicksilver Software.

Monkey and I mobbed him, olympic shit, leapt over the table and got a grip on him.  My pants were off and Monkey was unzipping in mid-air, soaring and massive, like a perverse carnival float.


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