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Gabe / on Fri, Sep 13 2002 at 2:18 pm

He’s dead Jim

I’ve had Animal Crossing for about three days now and it’s still pretty interesting. I made a raid on Kara’s town two days ago and returned home with my pockets full of her precious oranges. I sold some of them and planted the rest. It turns out it takes a long ass time for an orange tree to grow. Soon though I will be harvesting them and I’ll have more bells then I know what to do with. It’s hard to get used to a game in which time passes normally. One day in Animal Crossing is one day in real life. I have to wait an entire day for the town store to get restocked with new items. If I don’t play all day and then go in late at night I run the risk of missing out on certain things that only take place during the day. Town’s people scold me for visiting them late at night after not seeing them for an entire day. It’s really not a game for everyone, if fact I’m not sure it’s even a game for me. I keep playing it though. I mean what If I don’t play one day and that was the day when they got the cool golf clubs at the town store. I don’t want to miss out on something like that. Also I have my newly planted orange grove to tend to. God only knows what kinds of exotic and valuable sea shells are washing up on the shores of my beach right now while I sit here and type this post. This can’t be healthy.

What Tycho said about Battlefield not running on my machine is correct. While it’s true that my baby is pretty outdated I don’t think that’s the reason I’m not soaring over Berlin right now. It runs beautifully on Kara’s machine and we have almost identical systems. My machine has been slowly dying for a few weeks now. I have noticed it getting more and more sluggish. Just checking my mail results in groans and grinding noises that sound like the diseased coughing of a dying man. I am a console gamer at heart and I honestly only got a PC because Tycho told me you could play games on them. I still know very little about their inner workings or how many megs of bits I need to run the latest game. Tycho just tells me what hardware I need or what processor I should buy and then he does all the work of installing it and fixing it when it breaks. So now I sit here with my computer moaning along side me and there isn’t anything I can do for it. I mean I ran the defrag and I deleted some stuff off my hard drive or whatever but that’s just a good Samaritan giving a band aid to a man having a heart attack. I have no clue what’s going on in there or what I can do to fix it. He was talking to me about my machine and when he told me they made processors that were three times as fast as mine he got this crazy look in his eyes. Then he started mumbling to himself and laughing. I get the distinct impression that no matter what is wrong with my computer he is going to prescribe a complete overhaul just so he can build a new PC. We will go to Comp USA and he will tell me to buy all kinds of expensive shit that I probably don’t need just so he can install it all. I’ll end up with some kind of water cooled monstrosity that shoots lasers and makes French toast when all I want to do is play Battlefield. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared of him when he gets like this.

One last thing. I wanted to shed some light on the way Club PA works. When you donate your information does not go into some kind of machine that sends you your gift in return. No your info goes into my e-mail and then I send it out personally. Last month we had almost 800 club PA members and sometimes I make a few mistakes. If for some reason your gift doesn’t arrive within about a week please drop me a mail. I will correct the mistake right away. I’d also like to hear from you guys about what kinds of gifts you would like to see in the future. What sorts of things would you like to get in exchange for your membership in club PA? Let me know.

-Gabe out

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