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Tycho / on Fri, Nov 15 2002 at 3:58 am

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I have Gabe’s post for tomorrow here with me, he mailed it to me early and I’ll put it up right after mine.  Suffice it to say he discusses Mechassault, and not just Mechassault but his preternatural abilities within that electronic realm.  Indeed, that is also the subject of our comic.  You can bet he’ll find some way to fit that game in on Sunday, mark my words.

I’m pretty spaced out right now, having just returned from a midnight preview show of the new Harry Potter.  It’s pretty Goddamn good.  Two things to make note of on this topic.

  • One, I guess I don’t really care if people who haven’t read the books don’t get some or even any of the references.  I see this mentioned sometimes in reviews of the Harry Potter movies and it makes me laugh and laugh.  The best these movies could ever hope for is to be a sort of visual aid to the book series, and that is not a denigration of existing or future Harry Potter Films.  It is, in fact, an honor.  Besides, if not knowing what is going on in the movie makes you feel left out or whatever, don’t fret.  You are more welcome to join our secret treehouse club.  You can read all four books in plenty of time to be ready for the fifth, due out at the end of linear time.

  • Two, I always forget what kinds of fucking freakazoids slither out of a city like this to watch the late, late show.  It wasn’t quite as bad as when Monkey and I saw Episode 2 at this theater, where virtually every event that occurred on screen was accompanied by a sound like a chorus of depraved mall Santas.

I’m seeing a lot of reviews for Xbox Live out there, and that seems to me like reviewing a plate instead of the food on it.  One doesn’t play Live after all, do they!  Here’s everything you need to know about Live.  Live is like the part of your Xbox that they left out when you bought it.  They’re only too happy to charge you for it after the fact of course, but it’s just as much a part of the machine as the hard disk or the GPU or whatever.  It was designed with this in mind.  It’s essentially compulsory if you plan on spending any serious time with your Xbox - this is, as my father might have said, “How they get you.”   

If you are planning to run a server for Battlefield, UT2k3, or Natural Selection this weekend, I’d love to hear from you.  Just send me a message with “Servers” in the subject line with all your server info, and I’ll make sure it gets put up here on the main page - remember, the password is “penny4th” to keep out the diseased rabble.  Just so it’s clear for Saturday - we’ll be playing on Neocron’s Pluto server.  For winners of the contest, if the CD Key you receive doesn’t seem to work correctly, replace the plus signs in it with zeroes.  That’s plus signs with zeroes.  I think that’s everything.  I’m really looking forward to this. 

(CW)TB out.

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