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Tycho / on Fri, Jan 3 2003 at 7:36 am

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We only know two people who don’t live within a half an hour of us, and with Kiko‘s arrival a couple days ago they’ve both been here in the last three weeks.  We have decided to celebrate this event as we celebrate all other things, which is to say, play videogames.  We also play videogames when we are not celebrating.  I’m not really unhappy with the system, I’m just making a note of it.

The only issue with our recent explicit revelry is that it has brought the ire of the apartment complex down upon us.  Their crimes are many, though, and they’re hardly in a tenable position regarding infractions.  There’s the lady right next door, who I think might just be a really big badger with a shirt on.  There is a sound from B-14 that could only be a large animal chewing a freshly fallen birch, which I feel lends credence to my badger hypothesis.  If the bitch wants to chew on some wood or be a badger or whatever that’s fine, I can handle it.  But directly above us - and I mean right above us, suspended there - unholy acts are committed on a regular basis, and you don’t see us running to the manager.  This guy is either killing a woman or engaging in some penultimate act of tantric erotica, and I honestly don’t care which, but I do wish they would use their indoor voices! 

The thing is, we do honestly try to lay down some rules about noise at the beginning of each event, but it never pans out, because capturing the flag is like fireworks in your heart.  The trouble in this venue started with Soccer Slam, where it’s like my mind knew that I could not explode with sound but as soon as we’d land a Killer Kick or a one-timer I’d be off the couch wagging the wavebird at the television in a derisive way.  We were only playing against the computer then, too - when the Halo gets in there, it’s Living Room versus Computer Room, that ancient and bitter rivalry born with the very firmament.

Also, hopefully you’ve seen it already:  the trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s (Spell checker suggestion:  “Tarantula’s”) newest movie is now awailable.  I didn’t know what to think at first, but the second time I watched it I felt joy.  I’ve always really liked his dialogue, that’s why I see his movies, and there isn’t a whole lot of that to judge here.

(CW)TB out.

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